Wednesday, January 23, 2013

BrokenGamezHD Hi-Def Game Reviews Introduction

BrokenGamezHD Hi-Def Reviews is a blog consisting of game reviews and news.Topics will mainly include but are not limited to the current gaming platforms from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and PC. This obviously means currently the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U and will transition onto their next-gen consoles when they are released. I have not been a fan of the handheld section of gaming but for the sake of gaming journalism and to counter my ignorance and occasional closed-mindedness, in the future I will attempt to begin handheld gaming. I will mostly focus on genres I am familiar with but also touch on those I am less acquainted with. These are are my opinion and views of the events that occur in the video game industry. The reviews will be an in-depth extension of the video reviews that will be on the YouTube Gaming Channel BrokenGamezHD. These reviews, opinions and thoughts will be raw, uncut and minimal bias meaning there will be no sugar-coating or fluff. One of the problems I see in the Video Game Journalism incorrect ratings and scoring of games caused by favoritism and lack of knowledge. I named this blog "BrokenGamezHD Hi-Def Game Reviews" because I want it to have clarity, quality and fairness. I will be very critical and analytical regarding the game reviews as I believe since we are this far into the current generation certain faults in a game are inexcusable and unacceptable. The genres I am less knowledgeable about and experienced with will be given more leeway or margin for error. I believe reviews should be the help the public make an informed decision on their game purchases and educate them overall about the details and quality of games. It should not be an platform for one to boost the reputation of their favorite game or developer for based solely on biased views. The criteria the reviews will be based on are story, gameplay, visuals and multiplayer based on which applies to each game. Ultimately I want this blog to be a venue where people can read about about my extended thoughts, in-depth reviews. I aspire to be enter the video game industry ultimately becoming a journalist and I believe this blog can prepare me when that opportunity presents itself. Thank you for taking the time out to read and please enjoy BrokenGamezHD Hi-Def Game Reviews